Tackling uncertainty


Life doesn't always go according to plan and the uncertainty that comes with life's challenges can often be crippling. If you let it be.

Many things in life are uncertain. Doing well in exams, getting a dream job, or waiting for medical results can all be nerve racking experiences and cause you to feel unsure about the outcome.

In these situations uncertainty can become crippling. You may feel you can't take action because you are uncertain of the outcome. You may feel the direction of your life will be determined by the outcome of the results you are waiting for. You may feel like you are not in control.

The truth is, in life, no outcome is 100% guaranteed and life needs to go on despite the uncertainties that come with it. If you spend your whole life waiting for exam results, waiting for the dream job to land in your lap, or waiting for the outcome of medical tests, you will spend your whole life waiting.

Uncertainty doesn't last forever. It is a temporary feeling and will come and go depending on the challenges that life throws at you. The key to tackling it is not to let uncertainty cause you anxiety. The cure to uncertainty is action.

Take actions to keep moving forward despite the uncertainties that surround you. Create backup plans and alternative options that you can put into play in case the outcome you are waiting for was not what you expected. Take control and create a life that isn't dependent on waiting for results and work around the results that don't get you what you want.

Tackling uncertainty doesn't have to be daunting - so long as each day you continue to take actions to move forward and live life to the fullest!


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