Nicola Jones-Crossley
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november 2017

Nicola is humble, yet determined. She is filled with energy and somehow appears constantly calm and in control. Nicola is also charismatic and deeply committed to her passion of celebrating and supporting women in all aspects of their lives.
— Michael Waitze


As human beings we are constantly learning. As an experienced facilitator I believe that the greatest learning comes from hands on practice. I create environments in which learning happens organically and situations in which experience sharing can bring forth new ideas. We are all capable of growth and learning new things, sometimes all it takes is time.


New opportunities excite me. As a business minded professional I am passionate about creating sustainable business models that drive change and create impact. Over the past two years, I have successfully founded and built an organisation that promotes female leadership. Strategic partners include UNESCO, AccorHotels, Asian University for Women. 


Development should begin not with an outside interventionist approach but one that fosters local participation to support the whole of society. My work always has social impact whether it's developing programs for disadvantaged young people or advocating for female leadership.  In this way, I use business as a means for creating social change.


Creating connections and building a community, I believe, is integral to any profession. I have seen the benefits of networking in action, and know the true value of both business and personal contacts.  Building relationships comes naturally to me as I value diverse perspectives and opinions. These relationships are often central to the work that I do. 


Business is a powerful tool. I truely believe that when done right, the business of business is to improve the world. I have worked closely with companies and organisations to grow and and develop their purpose hand in hand with their profits. This shows how sustainability can be achieved simply through doing good business.


Written words are one of my most loved forms of communication and artistic expression. I write about things that inspire me - things that make me happy and sad and those that frustrate me. My research focuses on the trends of female leadership across Asia Pacific. Short opinion pieces I have written can be read here.

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